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Gadspot GS1000

When we got that camera we thought we were getting the best of the best. The price is right, the design is interesting and the stated characteristics are complete. 

Image cronus

Gadspot IP camera GS1000 features a standalone system, which means a camera and a computer combined in a small package. Built-in capture module and web server allow users to view images through an IP network (e.g. LAN and WAN) with a browser on any computer connected to a network. It can be installed easily by using an IP configuration software to assign an IP to your IP camera.

When we plugged in the camera, the motion detection proved to be very sensitive and sent countless e-mails to our account.  When we filtered it through our servers, we managed to correct the oversensitivity of the detector and the results were excellent.

The FTP transmission capability is easy to configure.  After 25 hours of continuous operation though image transmission started to slow down.  Image transmission took up to 1 minute after 12 hours, 15 minutes after 24 hours and stops after 24 hours. The only way to correct the problem was to shutdown the camera, count to 10 and restart.  

Consequently, we plugged the camera on a timer that automatically shut it down and restarted every 5 hours…
As long as the surveillance area is inside, everything works fine using the on/off trick.  When we put the camera outside things changed.  The colours are weird, the greens were yellowish as long as you don’t have too much sunlight.  The moment the sun got out, image quality went down and all we could get was a white screen, an oversaturated image… We tried all the adjustments but could not fix the problem.

The conclusion is that the camera is good for inside surveillance only and you have to unplug it periodically. 
For these reasons I do not recommend the camera.