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How does it work?

The principle is very simple. After purchasing your camera (about $ 100.00), you configure it to communicate with our servers. This communication is done using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Then you subscribe to the image capture service, specify the camera to manage and it is finished. You can now see the different images captured by our server at your convenience including alerts when there is movement in the range of your camera. We store up to 5 days of photos. For example, if you want to know who was in your yard at 3:30 pm yesterday, well you just have to view the history of your camera.

Image cronus

The camera you use to do the job must have the following minimum specifications:

• be able to transmit images captured using the FTP protocol
• transmission must be made at regular intervals or by motion detection.

We hava tested a few cameras.  While some have achieved impressive results others were non-functional in our application environment. To assist you in choosing a camera, check our current list of cameras evaluation .