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Receiving on your cellpnone or PDA

Image cronus

On your cell phone, you can be notified directly when alerts are triggered by our motion detector. Enter the text messaging address (text message) from your cell phone as the e-mail address. Write the body of the message you want to be transmitted, for example the identification of the camera. You can include a link on the image that triggered the alert.

Two links are available on the configuration messaging.

The first gives you access to the last image captured by your camera. So alert or not, you can see the last image captured.

There are differences between companies offering cell phone service. Some companies will transmit the images in PNG, other type JPEG or GIF.

If you can not view the images on your cell phone, change the image type. We strongly suggest that you use the JPEG format because it is compressed so the image will be displayed faster. You can also adjust the width of the image that will be displayed on your phone. By adjusting the width, our server will adjust the height in order to retain correct image proportions.

Your personal assistant can also receive the same information.