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Our service offer offers you the opportunity of setting up your own video surveillance system. It's simple and economical. Once your camera is installed and configured, you manage your video surveillance system through the Internet.

For IP enabled cameras, you do not have to install install any software on your computer! No contracts to sign. You buy your package, that's all. Your camera operates entirely independently.

By installing an IP camera in your home, business or secondary residence, you will be able to view, detect movement and record captured images on our secure servers.

You can then view the images anytime, anywhere via the Internet. also allows you to view these images on the screen of your cell phone or your PDA.

Your user profile (subscription) lets you connect 8 cameras simultaneously. You can create as many profiles as necessary! Image cronus

Motion detection allows you to configure the system to send alerts by camera by e-mail or text message to your cell phone or personal assistant the moment the system detects the event. You can then instantly see the image that triggered the alert.