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Surveillance by internet,
with your Web cam and it is free

Before you subscribe, or if you want to use a trial version of our system of video surveillance, we offer the possibility to use a free version of our service. Using your Web Cam and our CamProtect utility, you will be able to simulate the behaviour of an IP camera link with FTP. In just a few steps you can monitor your office with your Web Image cronusCam.

First step: download the Cam Protect software and install it. Make sure the software detects your Web Cam.

Second step: Add to your cart free subscription and proceed to checkout. Do not worry, you will not be asked to pay any amount. Follow all steps.

Third step: add a camera your account and write down the name of the FTP user and password provided by our server.

Fourth step: Go back to the CamProtect application you have downloaded and enter the FTP username and password provided by our server. Then choose your camera.

You can now use our system of video surveillance at no cost.