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CamProtect Software

CamProtect is a utility that enables the communication between certain cameras and our servers. If you have a Web Cam or a camera without FTP IP communication capability, Cam Protect can resolve this shortcoming. It works with most cameras on the market. You can use your Web Cam or IP camera for video monitoring using our servers. This utility is easy to use and setup.


First, download the utility on your computer and install it. Once installed on your computer, choose your camerea using the Device - Video Devices menu. Two types of camera can be taken care of by Cam Protect. Most of the Web Cam on the market and most of the IP cameras.

Then, using the Option - FTP menu, set the transmission to our servers with the username FTP and FTP password assigned to you when adding a camera in your profile. If you own an IP camera, you can also do the setup with our servers.

Once this is completed, you can do video surveillance with your Web Cam or your IP camera. ProtectCam software will set your camera communication and our servers.

If you have any questions on the CamProtect software please contact us and our team will be happy to answer.

Using CamProtect is absolutely free. You can download it here. Carefully read the instructions and the license agreement.