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The web site uses "JavaScript" to improve navigation and provide interactive pages.
What is "JavaScript"?
"JavaScript is a scripting language that allows programmers to create Web pages that interact dynamically with users."JavaScript" is based loosely on the Java programming language, which has recently dominated the Web and programming. JavaScript is a “safe” programming language that does not give access to system controls equipment or a user's computer.
"JavaScript" gives more flexibility to Web page designers with features that enable them to create windows, navigation tools on sites, mobile display text, sound and other multimedia elements with relative ease.

What should I do?
Simply make sure that "JavaScript" is enabled for your browser. Follow the instructions below to enable this option.

For Internet Explorer:
• Select Tools (Tools) | Internet Options
• Select the Security Tab (Safety), and then click Internet and the Custom Level button (Custom Level)
• Second, find the section Scripting (Script) click Enable (activate).

All recent browsers are equipped with what it takes to interpret JavaScript (with a few irritating side effects for older browsers). Make sure you simply follow the procedures to update your browser as mentioned above.